Use any USB device as a keylock in your java application ...

Get notified by USB-Keylock about attached or detached USB devices or even ask the USB-Keylock for already attached devices. With this, you can lock/unlock you application quite easily.

Be be aware that this mechanism is not completely secure: If one has permissions to run additional programs, the usb keylock is unsecure. Targetapplications for this this library are applications/systems where

  1. users need to be identified by USB-Stick
  2. users don't have access to anything else than the running (full-screen-)application which uses USB-Keylock

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Manager: achristian

Developer: achristian

Reporter: bbarth

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Ask for already attached devices
Now it's also possible to ask for devices which have been attached before the application has been started.
Added by achristian over 7 years ago

Added Wiki Page
Now there's some documentation on how to setup & use it etc...
Added by achristian over 7 years ago

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