S imple I nvocation of M ethods O ver N etwork

SIMON is a Java(tm) API (started end of 2007), that performs the object-oriented equivalent of remote procedure call. With SIMON you are able to use Java objects (we call them "Remote Objects"), which are located in another JVM on the current machine, on another machine in the local network or even on a servermachine somewhere on the internet.

Visit the Wiki for more information on what SIMON is and how it is used.

Project documentation, created by Maven3: http://dev.root1.de/project-sites/simon

SIMON is supported by:

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Latest news

1.3.0 released
1.3.0 released
Added by achristian about 1 year ago

1.2.0 ... finally released
Build system is building ...
Added by achristian over 2 years ago

Still alive
Although there is not much progress in the last months, SIMON is not dead...
Added by achristian over 3 years ago

1.1.4 released
A small bugfix on the way to 1.2.0
Added by achristian over 4 years ago

SIMON 1.2.0: Only 4 tickets left ..
Only 4 tickets left on roadmap for 1.2.0. Release this year?
Added by achristian over 4 years ago

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