SIMON: 1.1.2 released

Added by achristian almost 8 years ago

It contains two fixed bugs:

Bug #97: A NPE might occur when using unreferenced()

To all 1.1.1 users: Please update to 1.1.2. where possible.

SIMON: Advolux makes use of SIMON

Added by achristian about 8 years ago

Advolux GmbH, a german company that develops software for law firm, introduced SIMON for networking with their new product 'Advolux 2.5':

"We develop a platform-independent law firm software for lawyers. To increase the performance of the network we have decoupled all client-side requests through an interface and developed an application server, which leaves a part of the business logic on the server (for this we need SIMON)."

For more details about Advolux and their software, please visit

SIMON: 1.1.1 released

Added by achristian about 8 years ago

SIMON 1.1.1. is a bugfix release for version 1.1.0.

It contains two fixed bugs:

Bug #83: A annotated remote object must have interfaces
Bug #91: remote equals() is broken/wrong

To all 1.1.0 users: Please update to 1.1.1. where possible.

SIMON: SIMON 1.1.0 is there ...

Added by achristian over 8 years ago

First of all: Happy New Year to all of you.

I was not able to stick to the original plan to have 1.1.0 t on 31st dec. 2010... But I nw finalized the release and hope that you give some nice feedback :-)

If you stumble over a bug: Please be so kind and create a issue ticket for it. I will then plan for a bugfix release for 1.1.0


SIMON: Simon 1.1.0 nearly finished

Added by achristian over 8 years ago

Today I commited a fix for the last remaining issue for Simon 1.1.0.

So two issues are now in "resolved" state and wait for their "close". If no problems pops up during the upcoming tests, I will close them so that we can release 1.1.0 in time.


SIMON: Next 1.1.0 Snapshot step done

Added by achristian over 8 years ago

Today I commited some hopefully last major changes to 1.1.0

Currently there are only 2 changerequests left. I hope that I can solve this til end of this year.

SIMON: Simon Session Pattern

Added by achristian almost 9 years ago

I recently added a small sample explaining how to deal with logins and leaving clients ... Have a look at the sample code in the WIKI ...

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