SIMON now works on Android

After some refactoring, SIMON is now capable of running on Android Platform.
Added by achristian over 6 years ago

SIMON now runs on Android. It required some refactoring for the JVM-only MBean code. First tests showed: It works with Android 4.2.2 + Oracle Java 7 Update 21. But only with classes with primitive instance variables only :(-

Tests showed, that minimum required Android version is 2.3.3 (API10). Further tests will be made to enable transfer of complex objects (classes non-primitive instance variables).

Stay tuned for the stable SIMON 1.2.0 release ...


After some research about transfering complex objects from/to Android, here's my current finding:

As long as you just transfer objects of classes, which are identical on both platforms, there is absolutely no restriction or problem with SIMON and the used serialization mechanism. BUT there are classes on Android which use other byte-stream data than Sun's/Oracle's corresponding Java classes. One example is BigInteger. So, the conclusion is: You're on the safe side if you only transfer objects of your own classes (which are identical on both platforms, or, to be more precise, produce and consume the same byte-stream data).

This is not a limitation of SIMON. This is a general issue with "to Android ported classes", which don't behave identically (w.r.t. serialisation) to corresponding JVM classes.