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Support for Mac OSX 64Bit missing

Added by hoffmann almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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I'd like to use your great library loader for my Maven 3 project on Mac OSX. Unfortunately the native jnilib for 64Bit is missing.

I downloaded your sources and and fixed the issue locally, but it would be more convenient for me, if I could just use the maven dependency :) So it would be great if you could add the &4 Bit library, which I attached to this ticket.

I also had to change line 84 of LibLoader.java as follows:

        // check for os x platform
        else if (osName.toLowerCase().contains("os x")) {
            // check for architecture 64bit
            if (osArch.toLowerCase().contains("amd64") || osArch.toLowerCase().contains("x86_64")) {
                extractedLibs.put("rxtxSerial", extractLib("/jni/Mac_OS_X/x64/", "librxtxSerial.jnilib"));
            } else {
                // no arch available or required?!
                extractedLibs.put("rxtxSerial", extractLib("/jni/Mac_OS_X/", "librxtxSerial.jnilib"));

Thanks for your great work :)


librxtxSerial.jnilib (166 KB) hoffmann, 10/19/2012 04:31 PM

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Added by achristian almost 6 years ago

fix for issue #155


#1 Updated by achristian almost 6 years ago

Thanks for the lib + the patch. I will integrate is asap.


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#3 Updated by hoffmann almost 6 years ago

Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot :)

#4 Updated by achristian almost 6 years ago

That's the power of IMAP Push :-)

#5 Updated by hoffmann almost 6 years ago


I just noticed, that I attached the jnilib for rxtx 2.2pre, which causes an version mismatch warning. But you can find a Lib for 2.1.7 here: http://blog.iharder.net/2009/08/18/rxtx-java-6-and-librxtxserial-jnilib-on-intel-mac-os-x/

Apparently this one works for 32 bit and 64 bit. I tested it on my 64 bit system and it does work, with your wrapping library. This would make the change on the LibLoader.java obsolete.

#6 Updated by achristian almost 6 years ago

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Added 4-in-1 lib file from suggested link, updated comment in libloader.

Build has been triggered: http://jenkins.root1.de/job/RXTX-rebundled%20-%202.1-7r2%20branch/2/

You might need to refresh/update your local maven repo.

#7 Updated by hoffmann almost 6 years ago

Great Work! Thank you very much!

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