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RawChannelDataListener: Checked exceptions for write() and close()

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When transfering files, it may happen that the write-action on the receiver side fails (due to underlying IO-Exception when f.i. writing to disk). Same when closing the raw channel via close().

SIMON currently does not offer error-handling for this. You may throw a runtime exception, but this will kill the worker-thread and may also kill the session.

It would be better to have a checked exception like "RawChannelException" or something similar.

So, write() and close() in RawChannelDataListener should be extended by f.i. "throws RawChannelException"

This will break the API. So this change will not happen in 1.1x, but 1.2.x development branch.

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Revision 662
Added by achristian almost 6 years ago

Fixed issue #136
Switched to Java 1.7
Added RawChannelException


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Added checked RawChannelException to write/close call. See JavaDoc for RawChannel and RawChannelDataListener for more details.

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