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SIMON: 1.3.0 released
1.3.0 released
Added by achristian almost 3 years ago

SIMON: 1.2.0 ... finally released
Build system is building ...
Added by achristian over 4 years ago

RXTX rebundled: Now available on Maven Central Repository
rxtx-rebundled goes Maven Central ...
Added by achristian over 4 years ago

RXTX rebundled: ARM support added.
Added by achristian about 5 years ago

SIMON: Still alive
Although there is not much progress in the last months, SIMON is not dead...
Added by achristian over 5 years ago

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  • RXTX rebundled (04/19/2012 11:24 AM)

    The RXTX Library from http://rxtx.qbang.org is available via Maven Repository. But handling the native libraries which are not part of the maven artifact is still a mess. So here comes the solution:

    "RXTX rebundled" contains all required files and loads the correct native library (64bit Windows DLL is also available) automatically. The RXTX API has not changed. The automatic library loading is totally transparent to you. Just forget about "java.library.path". ...

  • USB-KeyLock (04/18/2012 03:42 PM)

    Use any USB device as a keylock in your java application ...

    Get notified by USB-Keylock about attached or detached USB devices or even ask the USB-Keylock for already attached devices. With this, you can lock/unlock you application quite easily.

    Be be aware that this mechanism is not completely secure: If one has permissions to run additional programs, the usb keylock is unsecure. Targetapplications for this this library are applications/systems where ...

  • SOS (12/20/2011 12:03 PM)

    S imple O bject S torage

    This is not a OODBMS. This is just a simple object storage solution.

  • GEIS (10/04/2011 06:08 PM)

    G eothermal E nergy I nformation S ystem

  • AVR NET IO Lib (10/04/2011 12:09 PM)

    Mit Hilfe dieser Lib kann man den Pollin AVR NET IO steuern und abfragen.